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FINE FREEKEH From KABATILO Soap.  500g  Jordan فريكة ناعمة

Each 100 grams of freekeh contains:
350 calories.
60 grams of carbohydrates.
15 g of protein.
13 g of fiber.
2 grams of fat.
31 mg of zinc (207% of the daily serving recommended).
32 mg of iron (178% of the daily recommended serving).
3.5 mg of copper (170% of the RDA daily).
370 mg of calcium (37% of the daily serving recommended).
110 mg of magnesium (28% of the daily recommended serving).
How to prepare  freekeh soup.
from the bad ones, then wash them well with water and put them in a colander. Put the chopped onions in the cooking pot with a little corn oil or sunflower and stir over the fire until golden in color, then add the washed freekeh beads to the pot and continue to stir well. Add a quantity of meat or chicken broth with bay leaf to the previous bowl and leave it over high heat, stirring the bowl from time to time until it starts to boil. Reduce the temperature of the fire to the lowest degree after boiling, then leave it on the heat until it is completely tender for about half an hour. Lift the soup pot, after it is cooked, then add salt and pepper
And a little bit of lemon, then stir the soup well and pour it hot in the presentation dishes and spread it on the dining table next to the main meal


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