Terms and Conditions

Payment Methods


We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Note, cards issued by local banks which are not listed above will not be accepted by our global processing service, in which case we recommend PayPal as an alternative.


PayPal express feature is available to speed through the checkout.


All transactions submitted through our website are protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption which encrypts information you input to protect it from interception by outside parties.

VictoryHalal.com is committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and protection against fraud. While we make every endeavor to ensure every shopping experience with us is a good one, in the event a credit card is used without the holder’s authorization, the card holder must notify their credit card provider in accordance with their reporting rules and procedures.

Order Verification

Orders may be subject to payment verification. For the protection of our customers, we want to ensure that every order that we ship out was authorized by the cardholder. If your order is placed on hold, we will reach out to you right away to ensure that the delays are minimal.

Changing or Cancelling an Order

Unfortunately, we cannot change or cancel an order once it is placed. For further assistance please contact us in person


As there is no inventory management so no preorders system.


1- Unscheduled Delivery

We provide same day delivery, and usually prepare orders within one hour of the order’s placement.

2- Scheduled Delivery

Any ordered being scheduled shall have to be as early as 30 minutes from the time of order placement, to as long as 2 weeks.


We do our best to ensure the timely delivery of all orders. However, there may be delays due to immense order rushes.


All products are subject to taxes according to the states’ taxing policies.

Taxes are the responsibility of the customer and we recommend you please check the tax added cost of products when you confirm your order.

Returns and Exchanges

Unfortunately, we cannot change or cancel an order once it is placed. For alterations/cancellations please contact us at info@victoryhalal.com

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